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Noah's eyes: hyper-maximalism and engagement

Updated: Apr 6

"Noah's Eyes"
"Noah's Eyes" - Ink, LL (Paris, April ‘21)

Visual characterisations in arts and retail spaces respond to the current physical and emotional restraints by making us leaping straight into Alice's Rabbit Hole in search of meanings and accessing an imaginary world, where everything is possible and chaos gives utterly unexpected freedom and joy.

Maximalist, saturated designs convolute the viewers' ability to find their way through the maze of infantile memories and lost chances.

Noah's compass sinks in the tumultuous abyss of the worldly seas; yet His compassionate eye will remind them not too loose hope. The realisation of our littleness in comparison to nature, the longing for a superior sense, the constant fight: all seem to load heavily the current work of thinkers, square talkers and artists with a newly found spirit and energy.

Proportions are chaotically played up and down.

Pencil strokes are strong like blade slashes and carry a message.

Colours impose themselves and fill the air like find flare missiles.


The book: Ingledew, J. (2011). The A-Z of visual ideas. How to solve any creative brief.

London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

The artist: Jimmy Turrell @ http://www.jimmyturrell.com

Galeries Lafayette femmes - Haussmann, Paris: decorated in 2021 spring theme.