• By LL

"Ink & Iron": a photographic session @ Paris 18th/8th*

Updated: May 11

I may be far,

I may be close;

yet, I have never moved.

I dread super-imposed cages,

I long for the comforting cosy chaos

and for those sunny days - as children - playing in the yard.

I dream to fly.

*The gloominess of this day, the casual recurrence of number 8, oppression and frustration in a global pandemic; photos can speak.

18TH Rue Ganneron - external perimeter Montmartre Cemetery -.

8TH Quartier de l’Europe, Rue du Rocher.

Here below: Self/Hand portraits were taken in London - Canary Wharf @ The quarterdeck - where I used to live, before relocating to Paris. They belong to a much older time but they complement superbly the Parisian settings.