• By LL

Hide 8 Seek: the drama of being imperfect triangles

Updated: May 12

Tossing words,

thinking too much.

Doing and undoing themselves, vapid and exquisite,

dreams equal nightmares

Hyper maximalism as persistent trend in VM and illustration, is here below fully exemplified through my free-style sketch "Hide 8 Seek". Subject chosen is the apparent chaos produced by human emotional turmoil and dreamy mind states.

Drama is achieved by pattern repetitions and imperfect triangulations. In fact, every visual matrix (=BIRD+LEAF+FLOWER) differs from the others in multiple details.

The viewer himself - by trying to resolve the dissonance between what it is identical and what is different - impose a tight rhythm. Therefore, dynamicity is ultimately achieved by a quick circular zigzag type of reading, comparable to an electric current circuit.

Imperfect triangular relationships are a fundamental VM tool to arise interest and curiosity in the viewer, and can be used in the composition of both windows and in-store elements, like cabinet still lives or mannequins goups.

« Hide 8 Seek » - ink, LL (Paris, May ‘21)