• By LL

40's just a label

The way we live our lives, these days, force us to put a label on everything, even on ourselves. “When I was forty years old” - parents always say - “I had a family, a son… And a thirty years mortgage!”.

Certainly, accomplishments and money constitute an integral part of our human make. In fact, they allow us to strive for something concrete and measurable; to give us goals and guidelines for a successful living.

Although: is this all? Could it be that, whilst halting for a minute our incessant “worrying” and “producing”, what is really left in us is an empty force putting ourselves in a “place” further and further away from the real happiness?

It sounds really obvious but I believe that being forty years old is just a socio-cultural construction. One of those powerful tricks, passed down from generation to generation, to scare us and paralyse us from doing what we really like. True is that one big lesson does come with age and experience - be it at twenty, thirty or forty years old -. A voice within feels like reciting louder and louder: “be aware about where you come from and your past, without dwelling too much into it; dream about a better future, without being too obsessed with the outcome; and; most importantly; enjoy every second of your present, because in those few moments unravel the true essence of the life that was given to you”.​

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