• By LL

U-gly mail: missed chances

U: Hey L! :)

L: hey

U: How are you?

L: good good


U: Heyy!

L: hey

U: How are you today?? Up to much?

L: good good u

U: Great


U: Hey hey L!! Remember about me? :)))

L: hey

U: What have you been doing???



L: sorry just saw this now, all good?


U: Hey!!!! No worries

L: hey

U: Where are you?

L: out and about u

U: Same. Are you with your friends?


U: Heyyy!!! :) Saw my message?

L: hey no.. sorry

U: What’s up?

L: bored


U: Hahaha

L: hey

U: How are you? You want to meet up? Plans for later?

L: busy

U: Shame, are you at work now?

L: bored


U: Bored? Why? :((( Up to much?

L: busy, sorry


U: Still busy?

L: horny

U: Meet up later??

L: na, work thing

U: You work a lot, right? What do you do btw?

L: na, boring..


U: Hallo you

L: hi, heard about V??? LOL

U: Who???

L: sorry last was not for you


U: lol? U ok?

L: Hallo!!! How are uuuuu <3 lol???

U: Hehe, happy???

L: na, just drunk

U: What? Lol Are you ok???

L: I feel s***, as if a demon ripped my heart off the chest, sucked its life away and put it back rotten :(((

U: I can see that


U-ni-verse can only be ad-verse, if what we only are able to give back is: NOTHING

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