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Beauty is in your own blood: LCAS "vampire" facial rejuvenation system

“Art partly completes what nature cannot bring to a finish”


Let me introduce you my friends Roberto and Maurizio.

Two "Guardian Angels", whose mission is to protect, restore and remaster our beauty. First step: understand who you are, your potential and your place in the world. No way we want to look like anybody else. Let's not conform to beauty standards imposed by TV and social media. We are unique and we know that.

Modern media culture has elevated Vampires to a higher state and power. They all possess a dark, magical side. Millenary creatures which offer us a great teaching: don't underestimate the power of blood. Blood doesn't lie. It tells a story and passes down characteristics that make us unique. Blood can stop time. Are you with me?

Now; what if modern science had learnt a safe and easy method to incubate our own blood restorative and rejuvenating powers? "Someone" has been mastering this really well and has made it accessible to you at just a few steps from home, in central London.

PRP(=Platelet Rich Plasma) facial rejuvenation system is primarily used to improve the appearance of the skin's texture. It will help to fill out deep facial wrinkles, creases and furrows, and will improve the appearance of "sunken" cheeks, skin depressions and some types of scars. For those wanting more rejuvenation on their face, this treatment works extremely well along side lipo-fixing, which is: fat injections to the face. Platelets circulate in blood and are important for the natural clotting of blood, but also for tissue regeneration and facial rejuvenation. Platelets contain growth factors, which are released when platelets are being activated. These growth factors play an important regulating role in renewing facial tissue and rejuvenating skin. The blood platelets activate the natural stem cells that exist in the facial tissue and stimulate your own skin cells to produce collagen and elastin and therefore rejuvenate the skin.

Viel brothers, Roberto and Maurizio, lead aesthetic surgery market from 1990 and operate directly in London, Dublin and Dubai . Their deep knowledge and constant involvement in the worldwide dialogue on the beauty science and technology have gained them top reputation and they are definitely worth checking out. LCAS (London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery) apply to every patient the maximum discretion and offer highly customised procedures for body and face, from mild to strong.

Guess what is going to be my next birthday gift?

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London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery 15 Harley Street London W1G 9QQ

From left: Roberto and Maurizio View, founders of LCAS, 1990, London.

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