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The Italian 'JAAB'-Job: Lake Como cycling adventures

Ilaria & Roberto

Someone said: - What’s the hardest thing about riding a bike? Talking about it! -. Well, here I am, writing an article. There is nothing more true than my proven scarce experience in terms of bicycles and, sadly, it doesn’t end in the “talking about it” department. In fact, I recently decided to save money in public transports and, why not, to increase my weekly amount of aerobic work-out, by purchasing my first ever bike in London, on “Amazon”. Sad news: it arrived in pieces! I lost the count of the hours spent in trying to assemble it and watching “YouTube” tutorial videos, with the final outcome of not being able to ride it. Later that day, after bringing the “bike-abort” via Uber to the shop, I discovered I mounted the anterior wheel in the opposite direction: a big “LOL” will be at this point well deserved, if I actually didn’t risk my life! Apart from my obvious mistake, London is not exactly the best place to practice: cyclists here can be very competitive and impatient. Human limbs are rarely tolerated, just bionic super powers.

Regardless my bad initial experience, I am very happy taking on board something challenging and way out of my comfort-zone. In all honesty, it was one of my big 2018 resolutions, timidly whispered to myself at the final strokes to midnight. This exact spirit drew my attention to JAAB (“Just About A Bike”), discovered on FB through my friend Ilaria Biffi: supporting partner to the founder, Roberto Gianola. "There is no limitation to the mind except those we acknowledge", (Napoleon Hill): these striking words are one of the inspiring quotes that we can read on the colourful, “energetic” pages of jaabcycling.com. That’s right: for those who have practiced a myriad of sports in their lives – it is astonishing Roberto’s resume’; among the many activities, he is certified ski instructor in France, to where he moves every winter – seem to be natural to see their own passions; cycling, indeed, can be well considered one; as a philosophy of living and almost as a psychological “tool” to get through moments where only pushing towards our limits and putting vulnerabilities at test, represent the way to the “next stage”. Imagine now that this self-empowering approach is put into practice within the spectacular frame of Lake Como. Do I have to add more? I am in!

No need to be afraid: JAAB embraces every level of physical preparation and client’s requirement: from the extended touristic tour on the road, visiting local beauties and amenities (www.jaabcycling.com/copy-of-roadbike-tours), to the more challenging off-the-road trips, that can offer, aside, a full technical training to ride and do acrobatics on the saddle of your mountain bike (www.jaabcycling.com/copy-of-roadbike-tours-1). Even the youngest ones are included in the “game” with the popular learn-by-having-fun “MTB Kids Camp” (www.jaabcycling.com/copy-of-kids-camp).

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best" (Ernest Hemingway).

Two recent friends, both born in Lake Como surroundings and where JAAB’s head-quarters are located now (precisely Casargo), which bonded two years ago by sharing the same passion for sports and travelling. JAAB’s project represents the perfect synergy between the enduring dedication to practice and teaching of sports; Roberto; and Ilaria; working for global renown tour operators and spending some considerable time in fast-paced London; where I met her; then coming to the deep realisation that only returning to the place where her heart belongs to, freedom and happiness could be pursued.

Look outside! It’s March and London was covered in thick snow just a couple of days ago: why not to plan our next visit to Como then? Mild temperatures to warm up our bones and skin, delicious local food to indulge our senses and the healthy taste of its thermal spring waters to satisfy our thirst for adventure.

Cycling is not all that is offered here and even for lazy chaps like me, Ilaria & Roberto would be able to customise a holiday to remember!

“Time goes by so slowly for those who wait

No time to hesitate Those who run seem to have all the fun”

(Madonna, “Hung Up”, Confessions on the Dancefloor, 2005)

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