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Raw beauty @ test: LumiSpa

Feel, act, results.

Beauty comes from an emotion. Feel it!

Don't allow anyone to have a say. You decide where your beauty comes from. Even flaws can be turn into your unique, special asset; regardless of age, gender or your place in society.

Beauty requires a constant effort, dedication and routine. Act on it!

The passing of time and life-style choices can put it in serious danger. We all know that. We live in one of the most polluted cities of the world. Some of us like to smoke and to party, others cover the skin in make-up, everybody gets stressed over work or life preoccupations: extra care is needed.

Are you ready to see results?

Are you ready for LumiSpa? Put your raw beauty at test.

I came across this product quite randomly just a couple of weeks ago, networking with a new friend on the social platform. I have to confess: I don't normally pay much attention to beauty products promotions. I always say to myself - another clever way to make money out of people's ingenuity -. This time is different though; and the proof is in the pudding. I decided to test myself and show it to all of you, using my personal blog as the recording of a "scientific experiment". The photographic test, the before-to-after photo booth, showcases a skin transformation sequence, in just one single use. I thought of it in a very similar way to Clark Kent - SuperMan's metamorphosis... I just miss the glasses, right?

The "before" and "during" pictures have just been reedited in black&white and vivid colours respectively, with the aim to mark even more the imperfections of my sensitive, fine-grained, combination skin: redness, lines, dilated pores and black spots in the nose area. Yes, that's right: no need to be ashamed. We all have skin issues. The journey towards change starts from acknowledgment and the acceptance of your own vulnerable side. The "after" pictures, in the last row of the cover image, don't have any sort of light, colour or beauty filters: pure skin rawness! After one single use skin appears smoother, more radiant and fresh. Pores look minimised because of the deep purification and action on the deeper layers, also responsible for cellular renewal and collagen regeneration. The overall face volumes are immediately toned up and jaw and cheekbone lines sharper. I have been using LumiSpa for just one week and results keep getting more and more noticeable.

Combine LumiSpa revolutionary action with your favourite cleanser, moisturiser and anti-ageing finishing products: thank to the silicone-head spinning stimulation in its deeper layers, your skin will absorb them better and with three times noticeable results.

Machines have to be gentle: that's why LumiSpa is set on a two minutes action and automatically switches off to indicate the end of each of your two daily sessions.

Machines have to be aesthetically appealing too: that's why LumiSpa has an ergonomic, compact and futuristic design.

Machines have to be smart: that's why LumiSpa device is waterproof and ideal to be used under the shower or simply for a thorough make-up removal.

Lumispa is born from scientific research; the AgeLoc technology; aimed to act on the genes cluster responsible for the manifestation of healthiness in human skin. I believe this device doesn't really need much publicity, it just "asks" to be tried once to let you become direct witness of the shockingly good outcome. People seem to fall in love with it very easily... like "someone" at French Vogue magazine.

Ah! Allow me three final pieces of advice: eat and drink well, quit or reduce smoking and find a sport or an activity that you like to practice regularly. I won't say avoid the sun because, you know... I am a true Italian!

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