• By LL

Council Boho

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Council estates are nowadays a familiar, iconic reference for everybody living in London suburbs and even in more central areas. Solid, raw, atemporal: they have redefined the city aesthetics and dismantled a traditional way of perceiving beauty. 'Ugly' is the new cool; as far as a strong message is carried with it and regardless of social background, income, age and gender. This is why I chose a council-house setting to represent an eclectic and relaxed mood.

Soft neutrals tones clash with the hardness of concrete and rusty iron bars; warm and textured fabrics, like a deconstructed knickerbocker coat and camel trousers, are paired up with a graphic t-shirt. Colour is an intimate privilege, only reserved to fine, sunny mornings. Brown leather matched with washed denim picks its power from '70s inspired street-looks and represents the everyday uniform worn to camouflage brave dreams of freedom.

The new tormented Boho lives and dies within these brick walls. An underlying sense of oppression, almost incarceration, permeates everything but, this same feeling, is also the key to lead to ultimate self-redemption. Enough with words now: enjoy the visual narration.

Vintage leather jacket, 'Zara' grey turtleneck, 'Jones Bootmaker' suede Chelsea boots, 'AllSaints' washed denim, 'Maltim Company' wooden framed clear glasses.

'Zara' deconstructed knickerbocker coat and suede lace-ups, 'Gucci' camel trousers, 'Diesel' T-shirt "Die for success".

'McQ' chunky knit, 'John Lewis' boxers.

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