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Ugly mail: job-searching 'mirabilia'.

Dear friends and followers, with today a new heading for my blog will be officially opened. It is called 'Ugly Mail' and it will present different issues that probably all of us, in the professional or personal sphere, have dealt with; successfully or not. The world has changed so much in the past few years and so has London. I mean, come on! Just take a trip by bus or by underground to understand what I am talking about: once upon a time, to even consider to walk from Canary Wharf to Old street, trying to get to work, was a blasphemy. Well, welcome to my everyday commuting life - by the way, amusing bum work out -.

Let's start, today, with some aphorisms on job-searching and fashion retail employers. All names are merely fictional - so to say - and no harm is intended, just a quick intramuscular 'shot of truth'.

... When, at "Pod's", an ex colleague of yours 'really wants you in her team' and, after four months and two interviews done, no one in the company has the bullocks to say you haven't passed the selection. - Yes, let's leave it like this. 'Maybe' is definitely better than 'no', after all. It gives you some hope to cling on for the rest of your life -.

... When the charming twenty-something recruiter prospects for you a life changing experience with their agency and, actually, what you only keep getting from him are positions for merchandising roles. - I mean: do you even know what is the difference between 'merchandising' and 'visual merchandising' ?! -.

... When, at "Wara", HR asks you to prepare an exhausting VM comparative written research as part of their selection process and then, when you ask it back, nobody knows where it ended up. - Ah! I know, I know: in the rubbish...-.

.... When you leave your 'successful' position for the prestigious brand you were working for and, suddenly, all of your ex co-workers barely interact with you, even by social media.

... When you send an email to that HR to understand whether they have feed-backs on your interview but they just ignore you, over and over again. - I swear, I will show my face at your office one day just to photograph yours when you see me -.

... When your ex colleague, whom you thought was a dear friend too, doesn't tell you when she is London and, then, you know it from other people. Just one word for you: 'BLOCKED'!

... When people keep liking stupid selfies, bulges and boobies but they hardly prize real contents and informative pieces. Well, this tells us about the level of shallowness of modern media culture.

... When you are having an interview with your possible future line-manager and you realise that he is ten years younger and that he can barely sustain a professional conversation or, worse, spell the word 'mirabilia'. - I know, I know... Overqualified and opinionated people are a threat for your position and the company you represent! -.

... When 'friends' call you for professional advice ten times a day and then, when all is sorted, they vanish like vampires' shadows at dawn.

(... To be continued)

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