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'Taylor', hand made colour illustration, LL, London, 2017.

"Taylor, Taylor... What a funny first meet! It was five or six years ago in Paris, at the Eurostar waiting lounge in Gar du Nord. Remember?

I was a survivor from a 16-hours-per-day VM 'tour de force' preparing some stores for women's FW, and, as usual, according to beloved 'Murphy's Law', the due train was two hours late with risk of cancellation. Mood was under the feet. I bought a French Vogue to kill time and after a few minutes that I was holding the magazine with your striking picture on the cover, you sat next to me and looking at your 'printed self': - I actually hate that picture!- you bursted out hysterically - It makes me look like a twelve years old girl. I can't stand this obsession with young age... I am a mature woman, you know? I am twenty-three now -. At that point, from my thirty-four years living in this world, I couldn't hold a laud sarcastic laugh...".

Our friendship started like this. Two people which happened to be in the right place and at the right time, whose psychological barriers were brought down by the circumstances and that instantly clicked discovering an ocean of common interests and living their lives wth the same irreverent, sometimes hypercritical, spirit.

"I really hope we can cross paths in Milan for the holiday break, although you told me that you may be working in LA for a bikini photo-shoot.... Anyhow: guess what? I have a work proposal for you... I really hope you say yes. Oh... Ok. You need to go? Sure I will send you and email '. (She hungs up). Usual Taylor...

My busy friend is a natural cherry-brown full head, big languid husky-like eyes and english rose porcelain skin: effortlessly stunning! In her honour, and, getting inspired by her last instagram post, I want to dedicate two 'red-made' outfits from day to night, from a cosy shopping tour around Mayfair to a cool party at Shoreditch House. Nowadays not much time can de dedicated to big change-overs, therefore, dear friends and followers, wear your hair gently tousled for a 'cool-girl' style, pop out your lips with no fuss smudging an intensely creamy lip-stick in the magenta tones and highlight your eyes with a soft anthracite flush and black or navy-blue mascara applied heavily in clumps. Below you find three unmissable products by one of my favourite brands.

Will Taylor come back to me? I already foresee a lot of chasing...

Sweatshirt and wide leg trousers 'Red Valentino'; studded ballerina 'Valentino'; varnished rectangular tote vintage 'Prada'; printed silk scarf 'Gucci'.

Draped dress 'Vivienne Westwood' vintage; fox fur bag 'Benedetta Bruzziches'; red suede aunty '60s pump 'Neous'; woven necklace 'Christian Koban'.

Draped dress 'Vivienne Westwood' vintage; fox fur bag 'Benedetta Bruzziches'; red suede aunty '60s pump 'Neous'; woven necklace 'Christian Koban'.

Illuminating powder: 'Le Signe du Lion', or rose, 'Chanel'.

Cream eye-shadow: 'Ombre Premiere', noir pétrole, 'Chanel'.

Lip luminous matte: 'Rouge Allure Velvet', nightfall, 'Chanel'.

Lip luminous matte: 'Rouge Allure Velvet', nightfall, 'Chanel'.

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