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III: 'Biaso', the double tailed cat.

Together with Queeny and Oska, Biaso, the double tailed cat, represents the natural conclusion of my metaphoric journey exploring sexual minorities' marginalisation in modern society. So much still has to be done... Maybe we can start reading or writing stories like this to our children and nephews.

*Biaso, the double tailed cat, hand made colour illustration, LL, London (2017).

Right or left? Up or down? These were the eternal dilemmas; at least for Biaso, the double tailed cat.

The life of an outdoor cat can be already a challenge. The aggressions from dogs, the cold winter, the trashy food (...literally from the trash). If you, then, add the peculiarity of having not one, but two tails: you can imagine!

Those two tails... It seemed like each of them had a brain of its own and they were never able to find an agreement: one swinging right, the other left; one pointing up, the other down. Poor Biaso’s stability was always compromised when climbing trees and, in the interaction with humans, these could never understand his intentions: happy cat or sad cat!? Ready to attack or eager to purr!? Too many mixed-messages that eventually would bring him to spend alone most of the time. So many tears were shed, so much frustration and alienation became part of his everyday life. "People feel more safe when can label cats and put them in their preferred, selected box!", Biaso kept saying to himself in discomfort.

"Dear Biaso, don’t worry too much about your two tails and the people who don’t appreciate them. Be proud of your uniqueness and use it to your advantage! After all, not many cats have this quality! Stop trying to control your two little 'frenemies' and let them be. One day, they will harmoniously twirl in the fashion of helicopter blades and make you fly high to the sky. The world looks nice from there: busy people, tiny houses and puffy trees lovingly blurring into each other, as One".

Cultivate your diversity, respect others'.

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