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II: 'Angry Oska'.

She was small but very feisty. You could see that in her eyes. Poor little Oska: it was certainly not her fault! Every day the despotic mother forced her to wear pretty dresses, put make- up on and smile to boys from the local town. "Little Oska!": she used to say, "You are old enough to find a husband and leave the farm: what are you waiting for?!". So much stress for something the daughter knew was not for her. Years and years of her Mum's annoying 'sing-song' made her sick to the bones. What did give her some relief was spending time with her father: fishing, hunting, carving toys from wood in the barn. Many times she even stole her brother's cloths for breathless runs down the hills."Why on earth you let her do these things, Dad?" Every time Mum argued, "She is a lady now and wife to be!". "As you like, Mum.": his reply always was, not to make too much fuss.

In the middle of this domestic chaos, Oska's burning truth remained unspoken and started to consume her with resentment, deeper and deeper every day. At some point, she stopped talking and began to avoid the company of her long time friends. All snappy and cross she kept smashing objects, kicking doors and chairs and shouting at the poor old dog. From a crack in her bedroom's door you could see her little shadow at the window dreaming of another world.

"Little Oska, I know what you are going through. You can tell me... Or even don't. Wear your brother's pants and run, run away with me! One day, you will find the route back home and speak the truth. Mum and Dad will understand...Or they even won't. Regardless, little Oska, this is your life and happiness: learn to fully taste them till the end."

Cultivate your diversity, respect other's.

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