• by LL

I:'Queeny the Elf'.

Merry day Folks of all the world.

I have to admit: my lashes are mascara-curled.

My name is Queeny The Elf... And, yess!

My love is for rainbows, I have to confess.

One day out of school boys kicked my left eye:

for long time I couldn't stop the cry.

The doctor replaced it with a golden ball

that made me look different... Like a killer doll.

Against all odds, I here still am.

I picked myself up and I said: "Damn!",

I still like rainbows and my lashes be curled,

I won't allow them make me outcast and hurled.

Years unravelled and I found self-love:

all my issues and torments I got rid of.

I now help a man flying between skies and earth:

his name is Santa, each year proclaims a special birth.

Nurture your diversity; respect others'!

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