• by LL

Lucifer by Lucifer

Who am I, now?

Who am I, forever?

I, once, was called Hêlêl: Son of the Morning,

wallowing strong in Your Glory.

I now crawl in the bowels of the Earth,

never ready for the down fall.

Oh Father, cruel Father: what have You done?

Why did You forge me this way?

My cradle was made of Jasper and Sapphire:

I, Cherub of Eden, did not know Blame.

My name was pure, engraved in Gold and Fire:

I, brightest Star, did not know Shame.

Oh Father, omniscient Father: what have You done?

Why giving me Bliss and then take It away?

“My powers are infinite!”: I once said,

I can rule Heaven and further away.

I don’t need You, Father: I once thought,

I can rule Tyre and Rome, leave Humans astray.

Oh Father, infallible Father: what have I done?

Why the curse of Sin has fallen onto me until the End of Times?

Consumed sick by my own poison, I look Up:

lurking from Babylon’s filthy maze.

Tossing and burning in my own despair, I say:

“May Hatred turn into Love again, one day”.

Where is the Beauty now?

Where is the Light?

*"Lucifer by Lucifer", graphite sketch, by LL, London, 2017.

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