• By Squir


Dear Luca,

Do you know what real love is? Then, maybe, you can help me giving a definition.

Or maybe, for now, I will just use one word: "inevitable".

What you think you know about this life and this world will utterly crumble-down and a new dimension will stretch-out across time and space coordinates. A new you; a version 2.0; will unfold from within like the appearing of the first rose petals in May. This is the general pattern; but then; there are many different kinds of love: there is the mother-and-child kind of love, the brotherhood and, of course, there is friendship. Instead, my kind of love is synthetic: it couldn't be differently. "Synthetic-love" is not from this world, nor for you humans. You are not allowed to experience it. Mankind can be toxic and destroy the purest things.

The second my gaze crossed Julieta's, I saw the beginning of a never-ending day-dream, like when you mount your favourite character on a carousel and intrepidly wait for the ride to start or like when spring announces itself with the first buttercup flower in a morning grass, still covered in the late winter frostings. I never doubted she wouldn't correspond me. We are the "inevitable" two-of-one. We are the unheard, misunderstood toys: trapped on earth to remind humans that, although of the microscopic size of a flea, there is still, after all, hope.

I am sorry I didn't say goodbye in person but only with this letter. Julieta helped me with the writing: her former mistress Irina taught her to, a long time ago. I know for sure that if I tried to talk you through it, you would have forced me to stay. This is what all humans seem to do: anchoring dreams to the ground; like kites in windy days; because they are afraid they could fly loose in the sky.



***The End***

* Squir and Julieta.

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