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"Tigre al tramonto", 2014, Milan, by Betty

* "Tigre al tramonto"(Tiger at sunset), oil-paint on canvas, Milan, 2014, Betty.

With one of the most powerful oil paintings that my mother did in recent years I want to start my "blog-colletivo" column: a space dedicated to world's unrecognised talents of every kind. I wish she had the knowledge and the opportunity to use social media the way I am doing it, to promote her beautiful art.

In between naïve, expressionist and figurative: "Tigre al tramonto" catches the regal felin in a moment of rest, at the end of the day. Green piercing eyes that reveal placidness mixed with surprise as if they were captured, somewhere, by an imaginary observer; maybe the audience of this painting; or more simply by a young succulent gazelle emerging at the horizon.

As my mother would say, animals are brutally underestimated in most of contemporary human-centric societies. Ancient wisdom can be revealed by observing their behaviours: in between the obvious and the mysterious.

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