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4. Julieta: happy days

It was cold where I have been left, unable to move. I was like glued to the ground, watching enormous distracted human feet stepping onto me all the time. I stopped taking the count. At some point even the pain ceased. Little mistress Irina was tired of me: un-pretty, different from the other dolls. She dropped me in the street, one day, when her mom was not watching. Un-countable cycles of light and dark I saw. My body turned into something dirty and deformed. At times was raining really heavy. I would have rotted soon, and, of me, just a pink wet mush of fabric left.

Luckily, better days came along: and so did big Magda. She saw me. She saw something likeable about me. And when I least expected it; when hope was long time gone; my new life started. Maybe I just had to be patient. Chances come along all the time, we just need to be there to catch them, before they fly away, like skylarks at dawn, in the transition from night to day.

Life with Magda was like a big soft feather pillow, spent in the warmth of her home, being part of her routine: watching her getting ready for work every morning and getting undressed every night before sleep time. There was no need of talking: I know I was her only companion and so she was for me. I was sure, somehow, that she would have never abandoned me.

Sometimes, on Sundays, she would carry me to the park next to the house: my little body wrapped by her big arms. You could see us there on the bench facing the play-ground. I was tidily sat on Magda's lap, admiring little kids and their moms. When some clumsy kid was doing something funny I would look up to Magda in a knowing glance and we would smile at each other.

It was exactly on that same bench where, one day, I met Squir.

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