• By LL

Are you a "Madonna" or a "Mariah"? The M-wars

*Madonna and Mariah, "cartoonized" by LL.

Two music-icons of the past (and of the present?), two style-icons for generations of gays and women: I couldn't avoid writing about Madonna and Mariah Carey. The perfectionist performer and the catty voice represent for sure two opposite artistic approaches and symbolical imagery: "urban-warrior-of-the-night", the first, and "rainbow-unicorn-of-fantasyland", the second.

Can you identify your-self? Music tastes apart, here below the two Queens exemplified in two style-boards.

...And I really hope none of them will ever read this blog because my head will be served on a silver plate for having used the regal attribute to describe both of them, or, better, for having used their names to appear in the same sentence together!

*Reveal your "M-DNA" with: "Chanel Vintage" netted sheer top and 18K gold watch, "Maison Flaneur" tailored trousers, "Dolce & Gabbana" lace bootie, "Manokhi" long laced gloved, "Versace" aviators, "Morgan Lane" Jill bra.

*"Mariah-Butterfly": "Dolce & Gabbana" lace trim gown, "MSGM" faux fur bomber jacket, "Gianni Renzi" open-toe stiletto sandals, "Elie Saab" metallic clutch, "Prada" oversized sunglasses, "Paula Mendoza" earrings, "Lara Bohinc" butterfly ring.

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