• by LL

Room99: Human Prism.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Like carved from glass; Us;

shining light we are not the source;

deprived of the Meaning once foreseen.

Like ice statues; Us;

raged at the court of Time and Pain,

bowing in a fake act of sacrifice.

And after winter, comes the Hell:

fire burning water,

ashes to the ashes,

dispersed forever in the celestial space of the Unknown

(like vicious metamorphosis of the elements).

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'Human Race', original graphite sketch, LL, London, 2017. The artwork introduces 'Room 99': an autobiographical project based on my adult years spent in London: fall-downs and climb-ups in search of identity and affirmation, torn between 'Eros', force of creative love and life, and 'Thanatos', force of destruction and death. Symbolical characters, short stories and poetry are woven together in a metaphor of my condition. A 'room', standing for the city, '99', standing for the incompleteness and un-fulfillment in the illusional aim to perfection: the '100'.

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