• by LL

I. Room99*: pilgrim eyes

At decline of Light

the scream of an Angel can arise Hell.

Reflections blurred in heart-splits:

pilgrim eyes from the Dark

commence their wander.

Why didn't you want to care?

Tonight won't be at ease.

This is All I feel:

suspended in Time,



we should learn how to cherish life.

Regardless; let it All begin.

*"Room 99" represents an autobiographical project based on the "dark years" spent in London: fall-downs and climb-ups in search of identity and affirmation, torn between "Eros", force of creative love and life, and "Thanatos", force of destruction and death. Symbolical characters, short stories and poetry are woven together in a metaphor of my condition. A "room", standing for the city, "99", standing for the in-completeness and un-fulfillment in the illusional aim to perfection: the "100".

*Room 99, LL

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