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"£2 for a pic": our collective blog.

Here's the thing: I feel lonely and I love the idea of sharing my ideas with all of you; friends and non-friends.

Therefore, this is the deal: if you have original ideas or pictures to reveal (often my words originate from an image) or even if you wish to promote something good that you are doing in your life; like a project or a business: share it with me! Anonymously or with your name on it.

Drop an email to contact@lolito-s.com and we start from there.

For example: my flat-mate and friend M is a very talented i-Phone photographer. She loves jogging around London and capture unique moments in the city. This morning, at the wake up, I offered her a symbolic £2 coin (probably the equivalent of a small, very small, coffee) for a picture to be used in one of my next posts. Will she accept it? My other friend and "acquired" sister M (again), leaving abroad now, already provided a lot of exceptional material concerning trends and events from the italian fashion capital, Milan.

Please don't necessary expect remuneration from your contributions. I am just a simple blogger.

Are you with me?

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