• by LL, photos by "The Restless Jogger"

2. About Julieta: the rubbish doll.

"She" was found in the rubbish. "She" was naked and alone. Oh... Don't be too sorry: after all, "she" is just an old doll.

Magda is the chunky, badly-dressed lady (it is hard to cover in style 16 stones of woman), that leaves at number 14; the flat next to mine. Shy, but with a friendly and open smile; although some teeth went missing on a mission; she was probably in her sixties or, even, in her fifties. The "life" can leave its signs forever. She was coming from a not-better specified location in East Europe: hard for me to distinguish which country merely guessing from the language. Everybody says she is an ex-prostitute; not a "call girl" working in expensive hotels; a street-prostitute. I am not sure, given her mature age, she has ever "worked' in London; her new life here just started a few years ago, or, at least, that's what she tells people. Her English is really shaky, and she speaks so fast; she almost "eats" the words; that I stopped trying to have a proper conversation in order to avoid embarrassing "question-mark" expressions on my face when I randomly meet her in the building. I, too, am a very reserved person, and, especially in the morning, hardly keen on spreading the love. I like her though: she is lovingly weird. And I think she likes me back.

Of one thing I am sure: she has a heart full of love. I met her one late Friday night at the lifts (I was coming back from a mild-fun night in Dalston): she was holding an exceptionally small sized doll; it could fit perfectly in her open palms. Magda was staring at it, like her little "Infant Princess". She kept whispering to it: "Julieta! Oh: you are my little Julietta!", delicately caressing its pink acrylic belly with her gigantic middle finger.

Maybe Julieta was the name of her lost daughter (weird though; Julieta is a spanish name.. After all, Magda, could be Spanish then!) or, maybe, Magda was just another atypical Almodovar's fanatic: who knows. I just thought that something special just happened there.

Julieta brought light into Magda's broken heart. Magda officially met her protector angel.

Thank you Magda. For reminding us to never forget how to dream.

*Special credits for photos to: Marina Dego. More pictures in blog's gallery section. Follow this link.

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