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Walk-Of-Shame: elevate your late summer "WOS" gold skirt to make it the "WOP" (W

Well, to talk about late summer post-club (and, luckily, post-coitus) WOS looks in this weather is really in-appropriate. Although, I like to be in-appropriate. I "swam" to my local off-licence just now and I said to my self: "Another lovely day lining up" (btw, did you know that in most of London's local off-licence shops you can't find soya milk? Outrageous!). Anyway; who has not watched NY-set romantic comedy "Trainwreck" (2015) written and starred by gorgeous Amy Schumer: the supreme mediatic example of post-modern feminism? And, of course, every body remembers her clumsy late-summer-mood WOS sequence in gold tiny skirt and flame-red blouse trying to get unnoticed in the streets, on her way to work... But... Hang on: why get un-noticed when you can look stylish and confident even the day after?

Glam it up or "preppy it down" following the two presented style-boards: both using the stunning asymmetric leather skirt by "Alexandre Vauthier" ($424).

*It's Studio 54 fever! With: "Versace"silk Medusa blouse, "Maison Margiela" top-zip metallic clutch, cage-heel "Sergio Rossi", disco-ball watch "Christian Koban".

*... And bitchy-Blair from "Gossip Girl" is back in town, with: "Jacquemus" ruffled b&w top, "Chanel" vintage bag and coin-bracelet and"Tila March" flat sandals.

Whatever look you choose, please, girls, bring your big dark Audrey-style sunglasses and pull your hair in a very tight pony tail. Your secret is safe with Lolito. Xoxo.

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