The evolution of this blog represents a journey in the exploration of how antagonist forces strive to prevail on each other within myself, in order to determine creative choices: black and white, moon and sun, left and right, feminine and masculine, devil and angel, Shiva and Vishnu, the yīn-yáng. LOLITO, my narcissistic force, is triggered by the research of instant pleasures and is obsessed with self-affirmation , whereas LUCA, my knowing force, is driven by a never ending thirst for the all world, as something other than himself: a world made of spirit and matter, seen through the eyes of a selfless observer. In a similar way; LOLITO is convinced to build stories around mere images and emotions, whereas LUCA does not want to leave words unexpressed and not to commit to an opinion. After all, what is left of Art nowadays if deprived of the words that its creator used to describe it to his audience? Ultimately, both forces play an equally strong part and counterbalance each other in a microcosm of controlled chaos (the Brahma). Richness and depth come from tension and conflict rather than validation and agreement.